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Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.

Wendy Flynn
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You do this, you do.

You take the things you love and tear them apart
or you pin them down with your body and pretend they’re yours.

Richard Siken, from A Primer For The Small Weird Loves (via violentwavesofemotion)

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It isn’t that I like it and I don’t like it—that’s too simple. Or, if you will, it isn’t “both yes and no.” It’s “this but also that.” I’d love to settle in on a strong feeling or reaction. But, having seen whatever I see, my mind keeps on going and I see something else. It’s that I quickly see the limitations of whatever I say or whatever judgment I make about anything. There’s a wonderful remark of Henry James: “Nothing is my last word on anything.” There’s always more to be said, more to be felt.

Susan SontagParis Review - The Art of Fiction No. 143 (via dwsc)

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